blood money

I just received in the mail a DVD copy of the documentary Blood Money. It’s billed as an expose of the abortion industry. Looks horrifying.

“[We would] break down their natural modesty, separate them from their parents and values and become the sex experts in their lives so they would turn to us. When we could give them a low dose birth control pill they would get pregnant on it or on a defective condom…” 

Once I’ve seen the film, I’ll post my review here.

The website for the film is

2 thoughts on “blood money

  1. Hi Clayton,

    I was thinking of getting this, but will wait for your review before I do.

    I always enjoy visiting your site, though it has been pretty sporadic lately that I get a chance.

    Peace to you,


    • I have since seen the film… several times. I hesitate to recommend it, even though I think it contains some great information.

      The art direction / choice of images is at times incongruous, at other times distracting, at other times repulsive. The sobering interviews with former clinic directors and abortionists is so dark and horrifying that one cannot really endure a whole 70 minutes of it. There is a good deal of redundant information… I think, ideally, the movie could be re-edited and cut down to about 45 minutes.

      As it is, I wish it were available as an audio-only podcast. The information is very good, without some of the visuals.

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