catechetical review

Some eighth graders whom I helped prepare for Confirmation last spring received the sacrament this past week at the Cathedral of Saint Paul.

On the last night of class last spring, I administered a quiz to see what they had learned. You can test your own knowledge of the faith by sampling a few of the questions…

We were born in spiritual exile because of what?
a) Swine flu
b) The existence of computers running Microsoft Windows
c) Our personal sins
d) Original sin

When God wants to form a relationship with His people, what does He create?
a) a MySpace page
b) a covenant
c) a creed

What do you call teaching that cannot be in error?
a) The New York Times
b) Sacramental
c) Infallible

What are the four marks (distinguishing characteristics) of the church?

a) Big, Worldwide, Loving, With-It
b) Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
c) One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic
d) The Wounds of Christ

Where do people go when they die if they are not ready to see God face-to-face but have not turned away from Him in a definitive way?

a) A Rick Astley music video
b) Purgatory
c) Limbo
d) Crying Room

I’m happy to report that all of the confirmandi passed this assessment. Now, on to the practicum.

3 thoughts on “catechetical review

  1. Oh, LD, you beat me to the same notion re: Rick Astley videos! Well, perhaps the only videos shown in Hell are some combination of Madonna (Papa Don’t Preach may be apropos!) and Nelson ones–on shuffle, of course!

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