Bill Moyer

Matthew Warner over at Fallible Blogma launched an innovative project this month designed to “raise awareness about the many Catholic speakers out there and to support them.” He started by polling people about their favorite Catholic speakers, and after compiling a list of 100, he’s been asking Catholic bloggers to write short profiles about them. (There’s still an opportunity for bloggers to participate; click here for details).

Looking for a Catholic speaker versed in leadership, men’s spirituality, or defining/redefining success? Then Bill Moyer would be a fine choice.

Moyer is presently the Executive Director for the National Fellowship of Catholic Men (NCFM). He has worked for more than twenty years in leadership management and development in the corporate world. A convert to the Catholic faith back in 1988, he has also served for many years as a youth minister and catechist.

In addition, he has recently authored a book along with his son Billy, entitled Seeds of Success: A Journey from Success to Significance.

Over at the NCFM website, you can learn more about Bill Moyer, and also book him as a speaker.

One thought on “Bill Moyer

  1. You had me half worried there for a moment, Clayton–I thought you were recommending the socialist journalist Bill Moyers (!) as a great Catholic speaker!

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