remembering Pops

Five years ago today, my dad passed from this life to the next. It was a remarkable day for my family… all ten kids gathered around his bedside at home to read him poetry, sing, pray, and tell stories.

My dad was a man of hope and expectation. As I told some friends once, after witnessing his death, I began to ask myself: how do I need to live in order to be able to die like him?

This morning, I pulled out some memorabilia from the funeral. Alongside his funeral notice and obituary, I found the text of the remembrances that my brothers and sisters shared at the funeral. They are a fitting tribute to one of the heroes of my life.

Thanks, Pops, for everything.

9 thoughts on “remembering Pops

  1. Hi Clayton

    A moving memorial to your dad, he must be so proud of you and you must give him great joy as a witness to the faith!
    On the memorial of Padre Pio, also today, may His special intercession continue to lead you along God’s path marked out for you!

  2. Clayton-I was moved when reading about your dear father. What a great man he must have been and how blessed you and your sibblings are to have grown up in such a beautiful family. I can see how it was that you turned out to be such a good guy.I have prayed for the repose of your dad’s soul. May he rest in peace.

  3. Spent the morning at 44th & Washburn walking where Earl walked, going to mass at his parish. Although Jim was 16 years younger I assume he had some time in that neighborhood. I lingered at Beard’s Plaisance, where Genevieve would be sent to fetch Earl the dreamer from under his favorite tree. I walked Lake Harriet and spent some time in the rose garden. Earl loved roses. Incredibly comforting to celebrate him in that space. It’s as though I got to see him today. Thanks for honoring your Dad. He loves you very much Clayton.

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