the human capacity for cruelty…

is remarkable.

Case in point: Rocco Palmo’s post about Father Ryan Erickson.

I get the human temptation to scapegoat someone. I understand revulsion at the works of sin. What I don’t understand is persistent delight in the brokenness of others.

Rocco e-mailed me a few months ago, eager to participate in a project to develop a “Ten Commandments for Bloggers.” Ummm… let’s think about that one before moving ahead.

One thought on “the human capacity for cruelty…

  1. Clayton- you will have more spiritual peace if you refrain from visiting and commenting on Rocco’s blog. The level of cynicism and affectation in his writing, and the level of invective in his comment boxes, do not point one to faith, hope and charity.

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